The result of a Lip Blush or Stain is a youthful pucker enhanced with the color of your choice. No more smudging or bleeding and having to worry about reapplying throughout the day. Now you can look fresh all day long no matter what you are getting into! No worries about kissing that sweet man of yours either!


Important: Do you get cold sores or ever had one in the past?  You will need to make sure you have an antiviral prescription in advance before any lip procedure. Physicians typically instruct to take it 2 days before and a day following,



~Let your inner-younger self shine through and look beautiful all day, everyday!~

Seriously...Who doesn’t want full luscious lips and a youthful healthy blush? After your lip treatment, you never have to worry about that smearing lipstick on your teeth, color bleeding past the edges of your mouth during dinner or reapplying that lip tint just to maintain some color throughout the day or night. You can be confident that your pucker will always be on point and that your color won’t wear off. We will begin with a consultation regarding the shape and color of your choice. You should bring your everyday lipstick with you to ensure that we match a color that you are most comfortable with. If you may want a liner, please bring that as well. A top of the line anesthetic is used topically to maximize reducing any if at all discomfort. You are in complete control of the procedure and we only proceed once you are comfortable and content with the colors chosen.

The Lip Blush: This is for those who desire a subtle brightening of the lips or that “just bitten” look. This is a more opaque look and perfect for those who just want a shimmer of more color so that the lips do not appear as dull and drowsy.

The Lip Stain: If your goal is fuller lips, a Stain treatment does wonders. Permanent makeup can create fuller looking lips far more effectively than botox or fillers can do. It is really the only thing that can effectively correct asymmetry.

 The Full Lip: treatment is a combination of lip liner and lip color. The use of a soft lip liner can redefine the shape of lips and corrections in asymmetry and shape. It will also create a fuller appearance.

A Permanent Lip Treatment Can Dramatically Improve:
1. Lip Definition
2. Symetry
3. Loss of color from the aging process
4. Darkening of color due to smoking
5. Thin Lips
6. Ashy Color