I have been Great Lengths certified since 2011. Throughout the years of working with this brand, I have been able to give women hair they have always desired whether it be length, thickness, or both. I chose Great Lengths because they are the most highly reputable company in the world for hair extensions. They look the most natural, last the longest, and cause no damage to the hair when cared for correctly. Given this, they are NOT the cheapest in price by any means. I've seen over the years terrible extension jobs and you definitely get what you pay for in look and damage to the hair. Through experience, I have continuously worked to perfect my artistry and am highly gifted in color blending and matching with the hair. If you are interested in possibly getting this service with me please contact me. Consultation is done as well as color-matching and deposit is required before the service is performed.

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The Great Lengths Synthesized Keratin Bond:

In 1992, Great Lengths International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer. Because of this ground breaking technology, many if not all extension companies now claim a “keratin bond” as their form of attachment.  Factually, any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a “keratin” bond, regardless if it makes any functional difference or benefit in the bond itself.  Unfortunately “keratin bond” has become more a marketing feature than a functional benefit.  The GL Synthesized Keratin Bond molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. The result gives the GL bond functionality that is not available in any other hair bonding compound in the marketplace. The functionality is the GL bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair. For example, when you wash your hair or get it wet, the hair shaft expands. When it dries it contracts. Bonds that do not possess such function will soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the client’s natural hair completely because the bond is being stretched with no capacity to contract each time the client’s natural hair expands and contracts. This is a Great Lengths exclusive feature.

The reason for our success is because the most talented and sought after hairdressers in the world have chosen Great Lengths as their hair extension brand of choice.   Davines Artistic Director and world renowned editorial hairdresser, Angelo Seminara , when  speaking about Great Lengths commented that hair is everything.  That’s the common thread that runs through the hairdressers that come to Great Lengths, to them hair is everything and their support inspired our ongoing mission of aligning ourselves with the industry’s brightest, most talented hairdressers.  You can only learn the best from the best, and it is only by working with the best that truly groundbreaking innovations can be made.   One of our finest examples of such collaboration is seen in this gallery of images called Natural Balance.

Natural Balance is the vision of Angelo Seminara and his interpretation of Great Lengths, fusing into one, nature and beauty.   A photographic demonstration that hair is everything.  

“My favorite extensions”

“For years now I’ve wanted to work with a brand that is valued around the world, that stands for quality and offers professional services for hairdressers, the fashion industry and, of course, for clients.”

Angelo Seminaraur

-Qouted from hairuwear.com