Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation has made leaps and bounds not only in its lasting results and application processes but as well as making the client comfortable. 

Does it hurt ? 

So this is always the first question I get regarding the permanent makeup services. The answer is....I can't tell you. Everyone is different, along with their pain tolerance. 
What I can tell you is that I use the highest grade numbing agents available to me to aid in your comfort. Throughout the procedure I make sure you are doing ok and adjust accordingly. 
The eyes are the most difficult I would say but not necessarily because of pain but because it is an awkward location. It feels like an intense tickle or vibration and the brows feel like getting them plucked---if you even feel anything at all.

​Lips vary from person to person. They tend to be a little more sensitive as it is a sensitive area. Having your lips done however, also ignites collogen production and can make the lips appear fuller(without filler!).  The color itself will also help the lips to appear fuller.

​How long does it last? 
The ink and process/tools I use are completely different from those in regular tattoo parlors. The makeup will completely fade out after 2-3 years. Many clients choose to keep it touched up every 6 months/yearly. The ink is organic and designed to fade out overtime. Why is this fantastic you ask??!!

Well, for one our colors aren't permanent like regular tattoo ink which oxidizes over time and can leave hues of unwanted tones such as pink, green, blue, gray, orange!! These are very stubborn and are hard/almost impossible to remove. Many people wanting color correction is because of "old permanent makeup" jobs done many years ago. 

The fact my makeup is semi-permanent is also great because over time your face changes right??! Unfortunately, our face isn't etched in stone. Things shift and move. This allows you to adjust your makeup accordingly over time. 

Not only that but you may want to change some colors, shapes (brows), and thicknesses (eyeliners) being semi-permanent is wonderful because it allows you to adjust and change and evolve your look overtime!! 😊

It also pays off to be a client of Blushing Beauty BECAUSE once you are established with me and we have gotten your foundation of color in, you receive SPECIAL pricing to keep your makeup looking fresh all year long!! (Message me about the VIP pricing).That ink is a lot stronger and has tendencies to change in hue and tone and have more color issues. It also is a LOT harder to correct than regular permanent makeup.

​Does it look natural?

YES. I go for very natural looks. You don't want to look like you're going out for a night with the Yoga Class.  Keep in mind that you want a natural, wearable look that you can wear everywhere. You can ALWAYS enhance. It is also different, because we are placing the color IN the skin and not ON it. This automatically makes for a softer, natural appearance.

​Who is it for?

This is for EVERYONE and ANYONE who wants to feel great and beautiful all the time with little effort. This is very popular with busy career oriented women, busy moms, and people who want a younger, fresher appearance!

​What is recovery time?

I usually say the first week is your "Peel and Heal" time! The first week, your body will be working to heal itself and will require some special attention and care. The full turn around healing time is a full 4/6 weeks!!! You CAN NOT judge the color until then. It is even common for the color to disappear in some cases after 2 weeks and then reappear after 4 weeks! The body is a mysterious beautiful thing.