Aside from makeup, I love helping women AND men with their skincare needs all while allowing them to unwind, relax, and be pampered. I am always evolving and using the latest technologies in skin care and facial options. I offer basic facials combined with hot stone massage and warm foot wraps to more advanced services. Please see my Facials page for more info. 

I have been in the beauty indusItry since 2006. I am always changing with the times and broadening my services. This permanent makeup and skincare business has definitely by far been my favorite! I have always been a fan of anything that makes life easier! This absolutely takes the cake.

Today we are so busy juggling kids, PTA's, church, spouses, jobs, sports, playdates, vacations, and the list goes on and on. I never knew the seriousness of time management and loss of time until I had my son. Man, I would walk out of the house sometimes, get to where I was going and completely had forgotten my eyeliner....and forget having time to really powder in my brows- yeah right. Don't get me started on car makeup dangerous is that??!!!  Our time is very limited and I feel like life is always getting busier.

My passion with permanent makeup is to help today's modern woman feel beautiful all day, everyday. To not have to worry about going swimming on vacation, reapplying throughout the day. To be able to leave work and go straight to a school or sports event without a touch-up. To be able to hit the gym or the

beach, with makeup that won't smudge or melt off. 

THIS IS MY PASSION AND MY GOAL. To reach as many people as I can and help them to achieve that confidence and always feel ready to take on the day, everyday!